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Things to See & Do in Gilbert, West Virginia

The Town of Gilbert Historic Museum

Located in town hall, in the heart of Gilbert, is where you will find artifacts and historical information on the rich history of Gilbert along with information on the people and events that made our town the inclusive, beautiful town it is today. 


Although there aren’t any designated hiking trails in the town of Gilbert, there are some nearby that offer amazing views. Check out the Salt River Trail at RD Bailey Lake

Hatfield McCoy Trails

In a world full of overrated pleasures and manufactured entertainment, what could be a better antidote than the authentic thrills of The Hatfield & McCoy Trail System? The wilderness is our landscape, with flora and fauna competing for attention…a memorable adventure for people of all ages.


Whether you’re a beginner or expert fisherman, Gilbert invites you to fish along the Guyandotte River or RD Bailey Lake. Fishing can be fun for the whole family.

National Trailfest

For over 20 years, National Trailfest has been a premier off-road event for Side by Side, ATV, and dirt bike enthusiasts. held in our beautiful town of Gilbert, West Virginia, every October. Trailfest combines a jam packed schedule of activities with direct trail access to some of the best trails in the world, on the world famous Hatfield McCoy Trails.


Want to get some exercise in? Here is a perfect 1 mile detailed walk to downtown Gilbert. You’ll pass some local restaurants and stores along the way if you’re hungry, interested in antiques, or just curious!

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